Learning The Guitar Fretboard

I never cease to be amazed at the number of guitar players who cannot name the notes on their fretboard. Little do they know that by devoting a little time to unlocking the neck of their guitar they will improve their playing, and enjoyment of the instrument, ten fold!!

During my time at the Guitar Institute in London, and Sandown College Of Performing Arts in Liverpool, I met many guitarists who had been playing for 10, 15 or even 20 years, and yet, unbelievably, couldn't show me where to find an A# on the 2nd string or a B natural on the 5th string. My amazement prompted me to write the "Fretboard Master" ebook.

Fretboard Master

The "Fretboard Master" ebook contains all you need to know in order to become a master of the fretboard. What do we mean when we say master of the fretboard? Well, it doesn't mean that you will suddenly start sounding like Steve Vai, Segovia or Jimi Hendrix! A fretboard master is somebody who feels comfortable with their guitar, Somebody that can find any note on any string within a second and somebody that can transpose a piece of music on the spot. That is a fretboard master.

Many guitar players are usually only interested in learning hot licks or funky chords. That is good, as long as they also take time out to study the layout of the fretboard. The old saying "The proof is in the pudding," is so true when it comes to stating the importance of fretboard mastery. Once you start familiarising yourself with the notes on the neck of the guitar you will quickly discover how important it is. It will be like somebody has switched on a big musical light that shows you exactly what you have been missing. You will feel like a better player, look like a better player, inevitably sound like a better player and more importantly.....WILL BE a better player!!

Imagine learning a really cool chord progression, a red hot lick or a head turning funky guitar riff. You have spent hours practising it and you are now ready to unleash it on your band members. You play it, and they are all amazed at your stunning technique. They shake your hand, ruffle your hair, maybe even give you a shoulder lift around the rehearsal room. You feel great! Then when the fuss dies down, the bass player asks "Can you play that again in F#?" What? F#? You begin to sweat, your palms itch, your head races. Where's F#? you ask yourself. Too late! The drummer drops you from the shoulder lift and you hit the earth with a bang!! Ouch!! You blew it! You should have learnt your fretboard.

Take a tip from me. Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for a number of years, you need to learn you fretboard. There's no way round it. Do it today and who knows, maybe the next time you learn a cool guitar lick your drummer want drop you on the floor!

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